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ROSGLAVPIVO 2019 – all Russia knew about winners!


Tasting of Russian beer in Moscow - «BRAUWELT - Beer and beverage world», No 2, 2017

In January 2017, the first competition “Rosglavpivo” took place in Moscow in the run up to BevialeMoscow 2017. The tasting procedure “The Best Russian beer” was held within the competition. World-known experts made organoleptic estimation to beers provided for the competition.

Moskau: fremd & geheimnisvoll


ROSGLAVPIVO – winners are known from Moscow up to border districts

ROSGLAVPIVO – winners are known from Moscow up to border districtsWinners of the Russian brewing competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” – the Best Russian Beer, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RF, note high marketing effect of the competition and its direct influence on sales of beer, having won in the competition.


“ROSGLAVPIVO” in mass media

Please find below articles in mass media devoted to the Russian competition “ROSGLAVPIVO” – The Best Russian Beer” and Beverage Trade Fair BevialeMoscow 2017:
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